Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adding Brightness to Our Day

Lemons, oranges and carrots have beta carotene that converts to Vitamin A. They are powerful antioxidants and they help boost your immune system. They also slow down aging and help maintain good eyesight. Juice ingredients: Organic banana, organic orange, organic blood orange, organic lemon and black chia powder.

Butternut squash provides a good amount of five B-complex vitamins! Those vitamins are B1, B3, B6, pantothenic acid, and folate. They provide about one-third of the Daily Value of vitamin C in every cup and contain a good amount of the antioxidant mineral manganese.
Ingredients: Organic home made vegetable broth (fluoride-free water, organic leeks, organic garlic, organic carrots, organic thyme, organic extra virgin olive oil) organic butternut squash, organic red onions, organic garlic, organic nutmeg, organic thyme and salt and pepper.

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