Friday, May 25, 2012

Creating Pro-biotics

Fermenting vegetables creates healthy bacteria for the immune system! You can read information about this from our previous post on understanding 'allergies'. Fermentation not only creates good bacteria but it also provides a variety of foods which you can incorporate into your daily meals. It is important to have pro-biotics after the use of antibiotics, although antibiotics should be avoided at all costs! 
Last weekend we decided to begin fermenting cabbage. To do this, we soaked raw cabbage in salt water and then packed it tightly in a jar. We saved some cabbage leaves at the start to cover the top of the cabbage, once it was full, in order to pack it in real tight. We then filled in any gaps that were left behind, with water. In 1- 2 weeks the process should be complete. We will be experimenting with more vegetables once we get the results of the cabbage and will keep you posted.

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