Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gluten Free Yam Gnocchi

Yam gnocchi is easy to make and healthy when using a gluten free flour. See recipe below.

Serves 2
1 organic yam 
3/4 cup of organic white rice flour 
1 1/2 tbsp of organic white chia seed powder*
1 1/2 tbsp of organic almond flour 
sea salt 
organic extra virgin olive oil

1. In a medium sized pan, boil water. 
2. Peel yam and cut in 2-3 pieces. 
3. Once water is boiled, add yam pieces and cook at medium-low heat until softened. 
4. Once softened, remove yam pieces from pan and place in a medium sized mixing bowl. 
5. Using a hand potato masher, mash yams evenly. 
6. In a large mixing bowl, add rice flour, chia seed powder, almond flour and salt. 
7. Mix dry ingredients well. 
8. Add mashed yams to large mixing bowl and mix ingredients together. It will appear crumbly. 
9. Using your hands, knead the dough in the mixing bowl, then form a ball. 
10. On a clean table surface, lightly sprinkle rice flour. (see images above for the next steps)
11. Break part of the dough and begin rolling it out on the table forming long thin ropes. 
12. Continue to do this with the remaining dough. 
13. Once you have all the ropes prepared, cut them into 1 inch pieces. 
14. The ends should get pinched but you can also add some rice flour to them to make sure they are completely (lightly) covered. (You can also choose to press the gnocchi down lightly with a fork)
15. In a medium sized pot, heat water that you will use to boil the gnocchi.
16. Once the water is boiled, add some salt and olive oil, stir and then add the gnocchi pieces. 
17. Cook for about 7-10 minutes. They should float to the top. 
18. Strain the gnocchi from the water. 
18b. In a medium sized frying pan, add some olive oil and lightly fry the gnocchi. (sometimes we choose to skip this step) 
19. Serve gnocchi on a plate and then top off with homemade tomato sauce or any topping of your choice. 
20. Enjoy! 

homemade tomato sauce
*When deciding whether we use white or black chia seed powder, we take into consideration the color of the meal and flavor. We prefer to use white for light colored meals like the gnocchi above so that the black doesn't stand out. Black chia seed powder also has a slightly stronger taste in my opinion, but very subtle. We tend to use black chia seeds more for darker colors like cocoa treats or for bread. It depends on what you are going for but from the research we have done, there seems to be no difference, health wise, from white or black chia seeds and they both offer the same nutrients and serve the same purpose as an egg replacement.
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  1. Amazing! Love the dedication and I can not wait to try and make my own!

  2. Just gorgeous! I love your photos!

  3. Oh my god! it exactly look how my daughter made her gnocchi. I am really going to try this. I don't like the taste of chia seeds. Can I use flax meal or oat meal?

    1. You can use flax seeds. We use chia seeds because it acts as a binding agent, not for flavor. We have never used flax seeds but I believe it also acts as a binding agent, like an egg replacement, so it should be ok. Let us know how it turns out!

  4. Do you think I could substitute brown rice flour for the white rice flour? I'm out of white at the moment. I've also never heard of white chia seed powder. Is there another substitute I could use for that or maybe just omit it completely? I have flax seeds I can grind up to make flax meal. Is that an appropriate substitute? Thanks.

    1. Yes - brown rice flour is healthier and we only used white because we couldn't find brown. White chia seed powder is pretty much the same as black chia seed powder so you can use black or try the recipe without it. The gnocchi dough may still hold without it. We used it for the health benefits and for the binding aspect but it may not be necessary for the recipe in general. Good luck!

    2. We've updated some information for you about white vs black chia seed powder. Take a look if you are interested.


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