Friday, May 25, 2012

Herb Garden Permaculture

The spiral herb garden is beautiful in design and has the ability to save water and attract pollinators. The herb spiral is edged with a dry-stacked stone wall, which gets taller as it spirals toward the garden's center. 

In Cleveland’s Midtown Urban Farm, a spiral garden is overseen by Milene Benedict, the Farm site manager. She says the garden typically requires little watering because of it's smart design. The plants are placed according to their needs, for example, plants that need full sun go at the top or on the south side of the spiral. Plants such as cilantro that rapidly to produce flowers, go on the east side where they’re shaded from the hot afternoon sun.

We're going to be applying this design to an outdoor garden on our property. Click here to learn how to build a spiral garden. If you have more information, please share.

photo by Ed Suba Jr. and taken from

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