Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mucho Mocha

We dusted off our cappuccino machine and decided to have a mocha night! Mocha can be served hot or cold. It was a hot day so we made an ice mocha with homemade rice milk (use coconut milk for best results). For dessert we made a gluten free Mocha Brownie Cake made with organic raw cacao powder and decaf espresso from Kicking Horse. Kicking horse is Canada's #1 organic fair trade coffee. Our favorite kind (since we switched to decaf) is 'cliff hanger decaf espresso' coffee. Both the ice mocha and mocha cake were rich in flavor. The mocha espresso cake was topped off with a raw cacao and shredded coconut frosting made with honey and avocados. Mmmmmmmm.... tasty! 

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  1. Oooh-mocha night does sound like a delicious evening! You have shared here my two favorite mocha things-a baked cake and the refreshing beverage.
    The frosting on that cake sounds heavenly-yum!


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