Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Raw Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce is a good source of chlorophyll and vitamin K. Chlorophyll helps to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells which boosts our energy and increases our health. Kale contains an excellent source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is high in vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese. It contains many vitamins and nutrients such as fiber, copper, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, protein, omega-3 fats and more! Below is a lettuce wrap previously inspired by this recipe. It's a simple raw food lunch that is very tasty and nutritious. (simple to make - see below)

Serves 1-2 
Ingredients: (your choice of vegetable portion)
∙ 4 organic Boston lettuce leaves
∙ organic tomato slices
∙ organic dried kale chips with lemon and pumpkin seeds
∙ organic zucchini strips (cut lengthwise)
∙ celery strips (cut lengthwise)
∙ organic carrot strips (cut lengthwise)
∙ organic hemp seeds
∙ sea salt
∙ organic pepper

1. Lay out 2 lettuce leaves on a plate and place a 2nd layer on top of the 1st layer.
2. Place tomatoes on top of the leaves.
3. Continue placing vegetable strips on top (carrots, celery, zucchini).
4. Add some dried kale chips.
5. Sprinkle some hemp seeds over top.
6. Add salt and pepper for added flavor.
7. Use a string to tie if you are going to serve them to others. Otherwise just roll the lettuce up, keeping the ingredients inside, and eat and enjoy!

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