Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Words Speak for Themselves - antibiotics are against life

We decided to write a post about allergies because we realized that a lot of the healthy food information and recipes we provide, includes nuts, yet there are many who have 'allergies' to nuts.

Allergies are other forms of defiencies and toxicities. Allergies are defined as damaging immune responses by the body to a substance, to which it has become hypersensitive. It's an abnormal or excessively sensitive response, either psychologically or physically to a process of 'medicine' by artificial means. Antibiotics, anti - meaning against something, and biotics - having to do with life/living organisms, cause allergies! 
Antibiotics (either by vaccination or other methods) are genetically modified (artificial) and grown in growth mediums, usually proteins, such as peanut or other oils. When they are grown in that medium and taken in by humans, they destroy the normal flora. When they began to genetically modify food products for mass production, they failed to take into consideration that our bodies would react negatively (allergic) to unknown, artificial, genetically modified foods. This is the cause of nut and other food allergies.

Pro-biotics, on the other hand, pro meaning in favor of and biotics having to do with life, are healthy bacteria that repairs the gut. You must add pro-biotics to your diet if you have recently taken anti-biotics. Healthy bacteria decreases allergic responses by promoting good bacteria in our gut flora! It is important to avoid genetically modified foods (GMOs) and anti-biotics in order to be healthy. 
Check out a video on fermentation - creating your own healthy bacteria, so you can be healthy and free of any deficiencies or toxicities.

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