Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fermenting Greens

On Tuesday, we began fermenting sliced zucchini and cucumber. It's been really hot these days in Toronto and you can see the fermenting results in just 4 days! We are still going to wait a week before cracking it open but we started pickling some more and added hot peppers to the mix! We can't wait to try them...

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  1. for fermenting sliced cucumber 4 days is enough, for fermenting whole cucumber you need 7-10 days

    1. Thank you for the information/tip! We appreciated it - specially because we are new at this!

    2. i must try fermenting zucchini

      recipe for traditional polish fermenting cucumbers:
      for 1 litre water - 45-55 grams kosher salt
      garlic 2 cloves
      roots of the horseradish 2-5 cm
      dill's flower or seeds
      2-3 leaves: blackcurrant, cherry (also grape, oak)

    3. Sounds amazing! We'll give it a try and post the results.


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