Monday, June 11, 2012

Green Delicious

Apple crisp made with natural shredded coconut, organic oats, organic coconut nectar and organic (pre-soaked) nuts is a quick and easy dessert idea! We made 2 small servings in under 15 minutes. The ingredients in this recipe do not require a lot of cooking time except to soften the apples. We used organic granny smith apples for this recipe and the results were yummy!(see recipe below)

Simple Apple Crisp Recipe 
Serves 2
∙ 2 tbsp of organic shredded coconut 
∙ 2 tbsp of organic quick oats
∙ 2 tbsp of organic coconut palm powder/nectar
∙ 3 tbsp of organic almonds (pre-soaked and chopped finely) 
∙ 1 tbsp of organic coconut oil (at room temperature, not melted) 
∙ 2 organic Granny Smith apples

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. 
2. In a medium sized mixing bowl, mix all ingredients (except apples) until crumbly. Set aside.
3. Cut apples into thin even slices. Set aside.
4. Divide the crumb mixture into 4 parts. 
5. Line the bottom of 2 soufflé bowls with a part of the crumb mixture, leaving you with 2 parts.
6. Place apples on top of the crumb mixture, layering each slice evenly in both bowls.
7. Top off each bowl with the remaining crumbs (1 part each).
8. Bake in oven for 10 -15 minutes or until crumbs are lightly browned. 
9. Remove from oven and let cool. 
10. Serve and enjoy!

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