Sunday, June 17, 2012

Making Yeast Water

While researching the internet for information on creating yeast, we came across an amazing blog that shows you how to make yeast water. We decided this was going to be the method for making yeast that we will use in our first gluten free bread loaf recipe. We're very excited! We placed dried figs, dried prunes and some honey in our glass jar. Hopefully the results will be successful!
Below: Our latest addition to our fermenting family - dried fruit yeast water!

7 hours later... The figs began to float to the top of the jar. According to Wao, the fruit should begin to rise during this process. So far so good!

And later on... we are officially addicted to fermenting and decided to also try Wao's tea leaf yeast water! We only had organic red rooibos tea leaves available, so that's what we used. Hopefully it works out. (see image below)

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