Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Benefits Of Dehydrated Foods

Dehydrating food removes the water content but it does keep the enzymes, vitamins and minerals in place. There are a few controversies about the health benefits of dehydrated foods so we wanted to share our own views on it. During the winter, food preservation is important. We can't always get fresh garden vegetables, especially if you choose to live sustainably and not depend on a grocery store. Dehydrated foods are beneficial for this reason and snacking on dehydrated foods from time to time is healthy as long we hydrate ourselves accordingly. We absolutely love kale chips and sometimes our kale sits in our fridge for too long and goes bad because we have lots of vegetables in our fridge. We like to dehydrate food to put food preservation into practice and save our veggies!
Below: Dry kale chips with red onion - the sweetness of the red onion goes really well with kale! 

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