Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gazpacho Soup With Zucchini Pasta

Gazpacho soup is served cold so we thought it was perfect as a raw meal. Over the weekend we made our first Gazpacho soup with vegetables, corn, coconut cream and avocados. Yesterday we made a Gazpacho soup with red beets, fennel, a blend of onions, garlic, coconut cream and avocados. It tasted amazing! We absolutely love red beets with tomatoes (Gazpacho recipe below). We decided to keep it raw and also made Zucchini Pasta with fresh salsa on top, to act as a tomato sauce. There will be lots of zucchini pasta in the upcoming days- it was delicious!!!
Below: Vegetables used for recipes and tasty Gazpacho soup with Zucchini Pasta and Salsa.

Gazpacho Red Beet Soup Recipe
Serves 2-4 
∙ 1 organic red onion
∙ 1/4 organic fennel bulb
∙ 2 organic leek leaves
∙ 4-5 organic garlic cloves 
∙ 2 organic red beets
∙ 1-2 organic celery stalks 
∙ handful of organic Italian parsley
∙ 2 tbsp of organic extra virgin olive oil
∙ 3-4 large organic tomatoes
∙ 1/4 cup of organic/natural coconut cream
∙ sea salt
∙ organic black pepper
∙ organic cayenne pepper
∙ 1 organic avocado

1. Chop onion, fennel, leek and garlic. Set aside. 
2. Peel and dice red beets. Set aside.
3. Chop celery and parsley. Set aside.
4. In a small frying pan, add olive oil and lightly fry onions, fennel and garlic with beets at low heat for 2-3 minutes. This will give the onions and garlic a milder flavor and also lightly soften the beets for blending. (This step is optional, you may skip this step and add these ingredients raw.)
5. Chop tomatoes, add to a blender with coconut cream and blend (or a mixing bowl, using a hand blender).
6. Add all remaining ingredients (except avocados) and blend together with tomatoes.
7. Transport blended ingredients to a large bowl.
8. Stir for about 1-2 minutes. Then add spices (add olive oil if you did not fry ingredients previously). Stir well for another minute or so.
9. Let soup sit for at least 10-15 minutes. You can use this time to prep the rest of your dinner.
10. Once soup has 'marinated', pour evenly into bowls.
11. Peel avocado and cut in slices or pieces. 
12. Add avocado to bowls (distribute evenly).
13. Serve and enjoy! 

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  1. The taste is just fresh in my mouth . I had gazpacho yesterday at "The Acorn" a vegan restaurant and it was just delicious. The colour looked exactly the same as yours but the ingredients were different. I want to make it.

    1. There's a variety of ways to make it - we absolutely love it!

  2. The colours are so vibrant. I've made courgette 'pasta' before so I can imagine how good it is with the tomatoes!

    1. We're going to try to make a tomato sauce for it, instead of a salsa. Can't wait!


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