Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Live Curtido Salad

We've been fermenting lots of red cabbage to create healthy bacteria for a strong immune system! It is important to have pro-biotics after the use of anti-biotics in order to have a strong immune system! Our latest live salad recipe was created with fermented 'curtido' along with some fresh parsley and summer squash. Summer squash (yellow zucchini) is an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C. It is also a good source of vitamin A which supports the immune system. Give it a try! (see recipe below)

Live Curtido Salad Recipe 
Serves 1-2 
Prep Time 5 minutes! 
∙ 1 organic summer squash (yellow zucchini)
∙ organic parsley
∙ 1 cup of fermented curtido (red cabbage, carrots, onions)
∙ organic cayenne pepper (optional)
∙ sea salt 
∙ organic black pepper 

1. On a chopping board, dice zucchini into small chunks and place in a large mixing bowl. 
2. Chop parsley into small pieces and add to large mixing bowl. 
3. Add fermented vegetables to mixing bowl. 
4. Sprinkle cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper onto vegetables and mix ingredients. 
5. Serve in two bowls and enjoy! 

 IMPORTANT: Make sure you tightly seal the lid, on the fermented veggies that are left behind in the jars, after you've measured out how much you will use. This will prevent mold. Also DO NOT put the jars in the refrigerator because you will kill the bacteria and you will have defeated the purpose of fermenting in the first place.

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