Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Making Your Own Dry Herbs

Some common dry herbs used for cooking are parsley, oregano and basil. We didn't have any of the 3 herbs available but wanted to create our own dry herb spices, so we decided to oven dehydrate some kale (at 130-140°- to keep the enzymes). Although kale is not an herb, it tastes great when dried and sprinkled on food. Once cooled we placed our dry kale in a mortar and used a pestle to crush the kale and created a dry kale spice. We added some fresh cayenne pepper, black pepper and sea salt and placed it in an old salt and pepper shaker! We wanted to share this method so you can use it for creating your own dry parsley, basil or oregano. Very easy to do. And why not use kale for seasoning?!

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  1. I should be doing this to my herbs. I am letting the brown leaves rot in my garden instead. Thanks for reminding me!
    BTW, nominated you back for the Liebster Award. you so deserve it. :)


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