Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cauliflower Rice With Lentils and Shiitake Mushrooms

Cauliflower has excellent health benefits and is often used for detoxification because of the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients it provides! Since we're adding more raw foods to our diet, but enjoy eating rice, we created a cauliflower rice dish to test out as an alternative to rice. We want a wide range of options if we go 100% raw so we are going to be putting everything to the test. We added a small amount of cooked French green lentils and lightly fried our shiitake mushrooms, onions and garlic with some coconut oil. We waited for the lentils and mushrooms to cool down before adding them to our raw dish. We also had a side of our delicious Avocado Soup so we could incorporate more raw food to our dinner. And for dessert, a yummy homemade ice cream sundae topped with pumpkin seeds. It was a tasty and energizing meal! We are definitely going to be making cauliflower rice again and possibly replacing our brown rice with it. See 'rice' recipe below. Enjoy!

Cauliflower Rice With Lentils Recipe
Serves 2
∙ 1/4 cup organic French green lentils (presoaked for 24-48 hours)
∙ 1-2 organic leek leaves
∙ 1/2 small organic red onion
∙ 3 organic garlic cloves
∙ handful of organic Italian parsley
∙ 1-2 organic carrots
∙ 1/2 organic cauliflower 
∙ 2 tbsp organic coconut oil (for frying)
∙ sea salt
∙ organic black pepper

1. Cook pre-soaked lentils for about 20 minutes or until soft.
2. Chop leeks, onions and garlic. Set aside for 5 minutes. 
3. Chop parsley and carrots. Set aside
4. Using a grater (or you can use a food processor to shred), grate the cauliflower to produce 2 cups of rice.
5. Transport cauliflower rice to a large mixing bowl and add fresh parsley and carrots. Mix well. Set aside.
6. In a small pan, at low heat, lightly fry leeks, onions, garlic and shiitake mushrooms with coconut oil. Then let sit for 2-3 minutes.
7. Once lentils are cooked, let them sit until cooled for about 2-3 minutes.
8. Once all ingredients are cooled, add them to the mixing bowl with the cauliflower rice and mix well.
9. Distribute rice mix to 2 plates evenly.
10. Serve and enjoy!

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