Monday, August 6, 2012

Gluten Free Coconut Donut Holes

Heating cooking oil changes its chemistry - oils that are healthy at room temperature can become unhealthy when heated above certain temperatures. However, Coconut oil is heat stable, so it is suitable for cooking at high temperatures. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which turns into monolaurin when digested. Monolaurin is an antibacterial and antiviral substance and has been used to fight viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi. Coconut oil is predominantly medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA). The liver and gall bladder do not need to digest and emulsify MCFA, so consuming coconut oil results in energy, increased metabolic rate and increased circulation.
Our latest gluten free recipe is 'Coconut Donut Holes' made with coconut oil, coconut flour, shredded coconut and coconut palm powder/nectar. We pan fried the donut holes with organic coconut oil so they are healthy to eat! See recipe below. We also made a 'hard chocolate sauce' using cacao and coconut oil instead of butter. Very healthy and tasty!

Coconut Donut Holes Recipe 
Makes 24-26 holes
Donut Holes:
∙ 6 tbsp of organic coconut oil (3 tbsp for mixture and 3 tbsp for frying)
∙ 1/2 cup of organic coconut flour
∙ 1/4 cup of organic shredded coconut* (homemade)
∙ 2 tbsp of organic flax seed meal
∙ 4 tbsp of organic coconut palm powder/nectar 
∙ 1 tbsp of organic vanilla
∙ 1 tsp of organic baking soda
∙ pinch of sea salt
∙ 3 happy free range chicken eggs

 Hard Cacao Syrup and Topping:
∙ 2-3 tbsp of organic coconut oil (melted)
∙ 1 tbsp of organic cacao powder
∙ 2 tbsp of organic raw honey
∙ 1/4 cup of organic shredded coconut

1. Heat a large frying pan at medium low heat and add coconut oil. Set aside.
2. Mix dry ingredients first. (Mix well) Set aside. 
3. Beat eggs and add coconut oil in a small mixing bowl. Then add to dry ingredients. 
4. Mix all ingredients well until crumbly. 
5. Using your hands, knead the dough inside the bowl and create small balls. (Divide dough in half, then quarters and so on until you reach desired size.)*
6. Drop each ball down into the heated frying pan and continue to fry at medium heat.
7. Using the pan handle, shake pan back and forth to move donut holes around every minute or so, until they are browned. It should take about 20 minutes in total.
8. Remove pan from heat.
9. Set aside the donut holes that will be dipped in hard chocolate syrup. Place them in a container and refrigerate for about 1 hour or freeze for 30min.
10. Cover the remaining donut holes in honey and then roll in shredded coconut (you should have shredded coconut spread out on parchment paper for this step).
11. Once the other donut holes are cold, remove from fridge or freezer and create your hard cacao syrup by mixing cacao with melted coconut oil in a small bowl. 
12. Dip cold/frozen donut holes in bowl and cover with cacao syrup and then roll in shredded coconut. The cacao will start to harden immediately, so be quick when adding shredded coconut after dipping in syrup.
13. Serve and enjoy!

TIP: When dividing the dough and creating your donut holes, roll each 'hole' lightly with the palm of your hands to form perfect balls. Don't roll the dough hard with your palms or it will break apart. 

* We make our own coconut milk, here at home, by juicing the coconut meat in a juicer. When we make it ourselves, we save the shredded coconut left from the juicer because it still holds about 20% of the milk/liquid. We store the shredded coconut in the freezer and use it for baking.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's good to know that coconut oil is healthy to use for cooking and baking.

  2. Well...blow me away...healthy donut holes!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. The more research we do on healthier food alternatives, the more we realize we can still enjoy some of our favorite treats!

  3. I tried this recipe and it was not as easy as it seems in theory. The dough browned quite quickly, and started to fall apart in the oil. I had it on medium low heat. Perhaps a temperature would be best to know what to fry it at? Also, the oil seemed to soak into the balls, to where I had to add more oil to the bottom of the pan. No idea where I went wrong...


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