Saturday, August 18, 2012

Raising Backyard Chickens

In January the city of Toronto ruled on banning the practice of raising chickens in your own backyard, on the basis that the chickens are a possible health risk and noisy! 
Does the city not pose a health risk due to toxins and pollution?! Is the city not noisy from people, cars and ongoing construction?! 
Hopefully the city will overturn their judgement on banning chickens in the city, based on more accurate information/facts that can be provided to them. Paul Hughes may be such a man - you can read about his story here
We want to live a sustainable life and one day raise our own chickens - for eggs. If you live outside the city, and are interested in raising backyard chickens, there is a website called Backyard that provides information on successfully raising your own healthy 'backyard chickens'. Here is one great article we came across. Enjoy!

Image by Brett Gundlock/national post
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  1. What an odd thing to ban! Hopefully they'll overrule it.


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