Thursday, August 2, 2012

Raw Kitchari - With Cauliflower 'Rice'

In India, the mix of rice and mung beans is considered easy to digest and is said to purify the digestion and cleanse the body of toxins. We came across the recipe for 'kitchari' when we were learning about digestive cleansing. Last week we recreated the recipe we found but didn't use white basmati rice and instead used pre-soaked brown rice. We also didn't have any mustard seeds or guee so we used coconut oil. It was very tasty! This week, we thought we would try a raw version by using the recipe for 'kitchari' with cauliflower 'rice' and lightly sprouted mung beans. The results were amazing! Every time we eat raw, we feel instant energy. Since there are recipes such as 'kitchari' that use rice in cleansing, we have not decided to cut rice of our diet for now, but will also continue to eat as much raw foods as possible! Our onions and garlic were lightly fried with coconut oil so it's a 90% raw dish. We are still getting used to the raw onions and garlic, even after soaking them in water.
Below: Raw 'kitchari' with a side of lightly baked Japanese eggplant... yummy!

Raw Kitchari with Cauliflower Rice Recipe
Serves 2
∙ 1 cup of organic mung beans (pre-soaked, lightly sprouted)
∙ 1-2 organic leek leaves
∙ 1/2 small organic red onion
∙ 1/4 organic fennel
∙ 3 organic garlic cloves
∙ handful of organic Italian parsley
∙ 1/2 organic cauliflower 
∙ 2 tbsp organic coconut oil (for frying)
∙ sea salt
∙ organic black pepper
∙ 1/2 tbsp organic turmeric powder
∙ 1/2 tbsp organic cumin powder

1. Drain the lightly sprouted mung beans and set aside.
2. Chop leeks, onions, fennel and garlic. Set aside for 5 minutes. 
3. Chop parsley. Set aside.
4. Using a grater (or you can use a food processor to shred), grate the cauliflower to produce 2 cups of rice.
5. Transport cauliflower rice to a large mixing bowl and add fresh parsley and mung beans. Mix well. Set aside.
6. In a small pan, at low heat, lightly fry leeks, onions, fennel and garlic with coconut oil. Then let sit for 2-3 minutes, until cooled.
7. Add salt, pepper, turmeric and cumin powder to cauliflower rice with mung beans and mix well.
8. Once onion mix is cooled, add them to the mixing bowl with the cauliflower rice and continue mixing well.
9. Distribute rice mix to 2 plates evenly.
10. Serve and enjoy!

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