Monday, September 17, 2012

'In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends.'

Quote by: Kozuko Okakura
Our indoor cherry tomato plants had been growing really slow since we planted them a few months ago. Growing indoor vegetables and herbs is challenging, but rewarding with a little patience. We were concerned about their growth so we went to get some advice. After visiting an indoor gardening supply shop, we purchased another grow light and some vitamins/nutrition for our cherry tomato plants. We replanted them into larger pots, added some new soil with vitamins and since then, it has made a dramatic difference. Our tomato plants are now flowering and it's just a matter of time that we begin to pollinate and see our first cherry tomatoes emerge!
A few weeks ago, we also purchased a small potted basil plant from our organic delivery service and we split the plant in two. We also cloned it to start a third plant and the results are looking good so far!
Below: Photos of our cherry tomato plants and our basil herbs. Enjoy!

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