Monday, September 10, 2012

'The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.'

Quote by: John Muir
Today, we start a four month journey to cleanse our bodies of accumulated toxins and foods! We chose a four month period based on the blood cells regenerating every 120 days. For two years now, we have eaten strictly organic foods. Our gluten free journey began about one year ago. But because it's only been 2- 6 months that we began pre-soaking nuts and seeds, and grains including flour, it's impossible to know how effective gluten free flours and pre-soaked grains are - until we first cleanse our bodies of the unhealthy accumulated seeds, roasted nuts, grains, and gluten flours! 
Even though we feel healthier, our bodies are still accumulated with toxins from years of abuse when we were ignorant about the harmful effects of sugar, dairy, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol. In order to remove these toxins, we need to change our diet accordingly. We'll also have to eat less on our bloated days - something we are experiencing from switching to an 80% raw food diet. 
Our (now grain free) diet will consist of mainly raw foods, which means we will get more creative with the food we'll be preparing. However, since Fall and Winter is approaching, we will be including soups, baked potatoes and steamed vegetables in our menu. We will also be eating a lot of sprouted vegetables, including sprouted mung beans. 
We'll be sharing some of our daily menus in our upcoming posts, so stay tuned for some tasty and even healthier recipes!

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