Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Red Tea With Milk

Red rooibos tea is caffeine-free, rich with minerals and contains anti-oxidants! We've previously made a Red Latté (with steamed oats milk), but this version is one of our favorites during our cleansing period. We added some homemade almond milk once our tea cooled down to 108°, in order to keep the enzymes. It's also great for keeping warm in these cooler days! Check out the simple almond milk recipe below. Enjoy!

Recipe for Almond Milk:
Serves 2
∙ 1/3 cup of organic almonds (pre-soaked overnight and skin peeled)
∙ 1 cup of organic coconut water
∙ 1/2 tbsp of raw organic honey

1. Blend all ingredients together.
2. Strain with a mesh strainer.
3. Pour half of milk and pulp back into container and blend again.
4. Strain with a mesh strainer again.
5. Discard of nut pulp.
6. Add milk to rooibos tea once it has cooled down to 108°(use a frothing thermometer to check temperature).
7. Enjoy antioxidants and enzymes!

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