Friday, October 19, 2012

Homemade Tomato Sauce - Raw

Lycopene, found in tomatoes and beta-carotene found in carrots, are two of the chief carotenoids that help prevent strokes due to it's antioxidant properties. For our latest raw food recipe, we created a 100% raw tomato sauce, which can be incorporated in a variety of foods and aid in the predigestion of cooked foods. Raw garlic activates enzymes in the liver that help flush out toxins from your body! Because raw garlic is too strong in flavor, we came up with a couple of methods to tolerate raw garlic in raw foods. Both garlic and onions need a sitting time of 5-10 minutes minimum in order to gain their nutrients whether cooked or raw. When you thinly slice garlic and let it sit for a minimum of 15 minutes, it is also milder in flavor if eaten raw. See recipe below. This recipe is packed with flavor and enzymes! Enjoy!

Raw Tomato Sauce Recipe
∙ 2 organic green onions
∙ 1-2 organic garlic cloves (you can use dehydrated garlic and skip step 1 for the garlic)
∙ 2 organic carrots
∙ 1-2 organic celery stems
∙ 1/2 small organic red beet (optional)
∙ 1 organic red pepper 
∙ 3 large organic tomatoes
∙ 10 organic yellow pear tomatoes
∙ 1 tbsp organic sun dried tomatoes (chop to measure)
∙ 1/2 tbsp organic jalapeño pepper (chop to measure, you can add more if you like it spicy)
∙ a bunch of organic cilantro (or Italian parsley)
∙ 1 tbsp of fresh organic thyme
∙ 1- 2 tbsp organic coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil
∙ 1 tsp cumin powder
∙ organic black pepper
∙ Himalayan sea salt (untreated, pink)

1. Chop green onion and garlic (for garlic, chop in thin slices -as thin as possible). Set aside for 15 minutes.
2. Finely chop carrot, celery, beet and red pepper in a food processor and set aside.
3. Chop tomatoes and add to a blender. 
4. Add sun dried tomatoes, jalapeño pepper, cilantro and thyme to blender and blend.
5. Add onions, garlic, carrots, beet and red pepper to blender and blend all ingredients.
6. Add coconut oil and spices and mix well. 
7. Taste and make adjustments.
8. Serve and enjoy with a variety of dishes, including cooked foods. Make sure cooked foods have reached a low (heat) temperature before adding, to not kill the enzymes.

Note: Water will settle at the bottom of the bowl where you place your tomato sauce before serving. There is no need to drain any water during preparation, just simply hold water back when serving or scoop out sauce leaving water behind.

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