Monday, October 1, 2012

Sugar And Obesity

A test in 1970 was conducted, where women and men of normal weight, and others averaging 184 pounds (for women) and 205 pounds (for men), were given varying strengths of sucrose solutions and then dextrose. At first, the taste of sucrose was pleasant to those of normal weight, but after taking dextrose, a stronger dose of the sucrose became disagreeable with them. Those heavier in weight however, did not notice any unpleasantness regardless of the degree of sweetness. This was because their internal signals that regulated the intake of food, had been disturbed and unbalanced which corrupted the mechanism of their bodies. 
When refined white sugar is consumed, the glands know the organism is loaded up with a lot of calories. It begins to search for the nutrients that normally go along with calories, but it cannot find any! This endless search for nutrients, that sugar does not provide, causes the body to have an increase in appetite because it is calling for the missing nutrients it craves!
Dextrose and sucrose are two names for essentially the same thing. All nutrients and enzymes in dextrose are removed during it's processing from corn.

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