Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Birth Of Abnormal Behaviour

The symptoms of ADHD include lack of attention, impulsive behaviour and hyperactivity. A main cause of these symptoms in children is pressure on the nervous system. When there is pressure or an abnormality on the spine, which is located in the central nervous system, it can cause an interruption to the brain signals - affecting how our bodies function. During birth, newborns frequently suffer subluxations. Subluxations are bones that are out of place, which put pressure on the nervous system. Many women find hospitals to be a stressful environment. During a stressful child birth, the cervix cannot dilate and in turn can cause birth trauma such as subluxations
If the body cannot function properly due to pressure on the nervous system, it will suffer from disease. Since the peripheral nervous system's function is controlling the gastrointestinal system (digestive system), digestive disorders are common among mental illnesses. 
ADHD is a deficiency in the body that cannot be cured with medication. To treat a disease (mental or physical), your body requires enzymes. Enzymes (such as those found in organic raw foods) will predigest food properly, to allow the metabolic enzymes to be in full use for rebuilding new and healthy tissues and bones, ultimately curing disease. Without food enzymes, our bodies are forced to use the digestive enzymes (found in our body) that are in competition with metabolic enzymes, which will result in limited tissue repair. 80% of our immune system, which fights off disease, is in the gut flora. Pro-biotics are healthy bacteria needed to repair the gut after the use of anti-biotics. Heal your body naturally and have a trusted chiropractor assist you in this healing process.
UPDATE: Detoxing your body can realign your spine and heal your organs. Read more here.

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