Monday, November 26, 2012

The Organic View

June Stoyer, the host of "Organic View' radio show, recently conducted an interview on the important roles of honeybees and bumble bees, and the dangers we are faced with from their decline. One of her guests, Graham White from Scotland, states that the US has roughly 200 million acres of crops treated with pesticides. This means every seed, every year, year after year is exposed to toxins! He points out that pesticides, in the past, were used as a reaction to the invasion of insects, but the way they are now being used is as a 'precautionary insurance'.  Bees, birds and other insects are disappearing on a massive scale because 200 million acres of US land are poisonous to all forms of insect life - yearly! 
Insect life is crucial for human survival. Their most important role is pollinating flowering plants such as vegetables, that feed us! We can expect a shortage of food in the future with continued use of toxins/pesticides. You can listen to the short interview here. Genetically modified foods, which are implanted with these toxins, will continue to give the human body allergic responses and cause diseases. 

UPDATE: For a 'bee saver' kit in the U.K. click here.

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