Saturday, March 23, 2013

'Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth'

quote by: Buddha
All civilizations have depended on the sky to guide them in growing crops. Just as old astrologists studied the position of the moon, sun and stars, an elder of the Dogon tribe (from West Africa) climbs to a place amongst the rocks to observe the sun as it moves along a heel stone, in order to determine the exact time that the people must sow their seeds. Since their region is dry (dessert), planting must begin at the precise moment during the short rainy season. This will ensure their survival. 
Elsewhere, in order for crops to grow successfully, farmers/gardeners use a Farmer's Almanac to assist them in sowing seeds. An almanac contains yearly information that includes weather forecasts, planting dates and times of the sunrise, sunset, eclipses, the moon and full tides. It is believed that the earliest published Almanac was in 1457. Some early Farmer's Almanacs were written by Benjamin Banneker (1792-1797) who calculated the astronomical information himself and who also included information on medical treatments. 
Modern 'civilization' does not allow for us to observe the skies as our ancestors once did, with an exception to those who continue to live simply and with a strong connection to the earth. Farmer's provides information (both for U.S and Canada) on weather, gardening, preserving the earth and more!
For more information on this years Spring Planting Dates for Toronto, click here.

Worm Moon Image taken from Phillip's Natural World 3.0

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