Monday, April 8, 2013

Berries And Melons, Greens And Herbs - Cleanse Follow Up

For seven months now, we have been grain-free. It's been almost one year now that we began an 80% raw food diet, two years of going dairy free and three years of eating organic food. We experienced symptoms such as bloating - which forced us to cut out more food and continue to change our diet. We learned the importance of the lymphatic system - the body's sewer system. If we aren't draining the lymphatic system then it doesn't matter that you are eating raw vegetables. Vegetables are actually lower in nutrition and harder to digest than fruits (raw or cooked). This was the cause of our bloating - as well as water. When our bodies are unhealthy, we are too acidic. When you are acidic, water will only bloat you and not be able to hydrate you. Too much water can actually fill in the lungs causing further problems! We'll be writing an upcoming post about the water myth - based on our knowledge and experience.

We are now hydrating with fruits (as well as 1-2 glasses of lemon water daily) and have felt a dramatic change in doing so. The chemistry of berries and melons are best for lymphatic congestion. Fruits such as berries and melons hydrate the body and provide nutrition to feed the blood while moving the lymphatic system. We have started a more 'Fruitarian' diet (including fruit vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados) with some greens and herbs. Based on our experiences so far, we find fruits to be the most pleasurable way to deal with cleansing. We have limited the use of Bentonite Clay - although we feel it is still safe to use. If you choose to try Bentonite Clay, check for bloating. Bentonite Clay expands and if you are not digesting properly, it will bloat you, which is a sign of acidity. Discontinue use if bloating or constipation occurs and focus on moving lymph with fruits.

Since acids are responsible for all health problems, it is important to alkalize. Although lemons are acidic fruits, they have a high alkaline mineral content which has an alkalizing effect on the body. To cleanse and maintain health, we need to have an acid/alkaline balance. We live in an alkali base planet and you need to maintain a balance of acidity and alkalinity, otherwise you will not survive on this planet and will gain 'diseases' at a later time when your body may not be able to handle it- depending on your state of acidity. Proteins should be avoided during cleanses and exercising should be kept to a minimal because it is not safe to put your organs to work while they are clearly not functioning properly. When we exercise in an acidic (unhealthy) state, we create more acids that must be released from the body or else will accumulate to create 'diseases'. We must first clean our bodies in order to become healthy.  

"We are living beings requiring living foods, but we aren't just living vertebrae, we are homosapian vertebrae - meaning we are the highest neurological species on the planet - in every way, shape and form; therefore we must consume energetics equivalent to that (which is your fruits and your berries and melons)" - Dr. Robert Morse

Check out Dr. Robert Morse's you tube channel and case studies to guide you in your cleansing and healing. More fruity recipes coming soon...

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