Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eating and Eliminating For Health

It is necessary for humans, plants and animals to consume nutrition and eliminate waste (by-products). The by-products of industry pollution are the toxins that are being dumped in the ground, water and air. All things in chemistry are consumption and elimination of 'energetics'.
 Whenever chemistry comes together, there is always by-products eliminated from this. Since the predominant parts of the human body are lymphatic fluid and blood, it is vital to consume proper nutrition for the blood - which in turn will eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system. Every cell eats and eliminates. Stimulating the lymphatic system cleans and regulates us, providing us with healthy organs, tissues and blood. When we are unable to eliminate waste, our bodies become more acidic and unhealthy.
Most of us are unaware that our bodies are holding toxins and not eliminating them because our bodies can temporarily adapt to toxic environments - and so we believe we are healthy. However, you can have high viral loads (toxins) in your body and not have a problem - such as the HIV virus. Viruses are proteins. Until the viruses find weak cells that they can bond to, they can actually be removed from the human body through the stimulation of the lymphatic system. In the case of the HIV virus, AIDS would be the result of the protein (virus) successfully bonding to weak cells due to the lack of elimination (detox). Remember - most proteins are acidic! The chemistry of berries and melons are best for lymphatic congestion. They have the most magnetics and astringents. They hydrate the body and provide nutrition to feed the blood.

Below: In honor of Dr. Robert Morse's health videos, I created a badge for those of us who are choosing to heal with herbs, fruits, berries and melons! Feel free to use it on your blog.

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