Thursday, May 2, 2013

'The Herbs ought to be distilled when they are in their greatest vigour and so ought the Flowers also'

Our Gods' Herbs have arrived! After extensive research and some experience, we have decided that detoxing/cleansing our bodies are vital. Changing to a better diet is necessary, but without first cleaning what is there and what has been there for many years (that we don't even know about), it is ineffective. One has to ask at some point in their life, what causes the stress that they feel daily and why is the medical industry unsuccessful in healing. There are so many opinions about detoxifying and what foods to eat to be healthy, but until you start to experiment, then you can't know for sure.

One thing that we've realized is that since we were born, we have in fact been experimenting with pharmaceuticals. If you don't agree, then you must have never seen a doctor, been born in a hospital or taken any drug/pharmaceutical at any time of your life (this includes tylenol). But most of us have. So now, with the realization of knowing that we have experimented with pharmaceuticals and modern medical treatment, and have had no success in healing, we have to take a chance (if we want to be healthier) and start experimenting with alternative healing. In natural healing (not medicinal), the remedies comes from plants or from eating fruits.

We chose natural healing even though we were never diagnosed with any 'disease', because we just felt unhealthy (acidic) and less energetic. And now that we continue on this path, we are becoming more aware of what doctors had never told us or were unaware of themselves. And the fact is that with your Standard American Diet and use of pharmaceuticals and vaccines, we have an entire world of sick people. So that's where we are starting from now. We accept that we are sick and want to heal. If your mother was unhealthy (in any way) when she gave birth to you, then you were born unhealthy as well. A woman should always detox before getting pregnant, unless they don't mind bearing a sick child and continuing on their own sick path.

When we learned about Iridology, we were surprised to find out that each part of your eye represents specific parts of the body, such as organs, glands and tissues, as well as what health state they are in. Many people who have cleaned out the acids and lymphatic build up from their bodies, have had their eye color change entirely. A body congested with acids will cloud the eyes' natural color and appear discolored.

Health is simplistic. It's simple chemistry. It's not natural chemistry vs pharmaceutical chemistry. There is only 'chemistry' - a branch of physical science that studies composition, properties and behavior of matter; it is the interactions between atoms. If you study the interaction of atoms, you see that acids destroy and alkalizing heals (balance is also necessary). Chemo therapy is acidic and 'cancer' is acidic - so how can this be the solution to cure 'cancer' (a toxicity/deficiency in the body)? How can this possibly relieve any pain and begin to regenerate and heal tissue. IT DOESN'T.

Try something new, if you dare! Realize, if you can, that suppressing doesn't help and 'disease' takes time to emerge. Just because you haven't been diagnosed with anything, it doesn't mean that you are not sick. In all the videos and information that we have explored, we find that many people who detox give up because their bodies begin to appear as if it is getting worse. Until you go into a detox with the realization and logic that during a detox, the body will reveal all it's weaknesses (problems), then it will be nothing but a struggle for you. Believe it or not, at this point, we are glad to finally see things that no doctor could ever see until it would be too late. We will embrace every natural side effect that we get - knowing that it means we are moving towards health and not actually getting sick. 
Try the eye test. Take a pic if you can, then place the eye chart over top to see where your problem areas are. Click here to learn how. 
Below: God's Herbs and pics from a walk in the park - Spring finally reveals itself.

Your health weaknesses reveal themselves during detox. - Robert Morse

'We have finally started to notice that there is real curative value in local herbs and remedies. In fact, we are also becoming aware that there are little or no side effects to most natural remedies, and that they are often more effective than Western medicine.'
- Anne Wilson Schaef

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