Thursday, May 16, 2013

'When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.'

Quote by: Jimi Hendrix!
Lifen Yang, from Tusheng Restaurant located in Kunming (Yunnan province of China), grew up in the countryside of China. She desired to work on her family farm but was sent off to university. After she graduated, Lifen educated her family on organic farming and although their neighbors didn't support them not using chemical fertilizer, she convinced her father of it's health benefits. Her father made the decision to not use pesticides, even though their quantity and income wasn't much, because the quality of the food was better. Through the wisdom of his daughter, he was able to see the connection between the unhealthy state of the people in his village and the food they ate. They were living with disease because their food contained a lot of fertilizers with pesticides. Lifen and her family own a small restaurant that sells food that comes from their organic farm. Their story was filmed by Daniel Klein from The Perennial Plate. Check out his video here. Enjoy!

'The movement of eating is magical if you really think about it. You put food in your stomach and then it becomes part of your body. My power is limited... It's just a small restaurant.' - Lifen Yang

Images taken from 'The Middle Way' video by Daniel Klein

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