Monday, June 17, 2013

Bird Friendly® Coffee

Bird Friendly® Coffee is certified to preserve habitat, compensate farmers fairly and globally contribute to biodiversity. By purchasing Bird Friendly® Coffee, we can save the agro-forest ecosystems and ultimately encourage reforestation efforts, which will improve lives for farmers and help make sure that the songbird migration continues for future generations. We recently visited an Organic and Bird Friendly® Café called 'Birds and Beans Café by the lake. There is an outdoor patio located at the back, with a view of Lakeshore. We ordered a Fair Trade Organic Green Tea and Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan coffee - Guatemala Santa Rita. This coffee type originates from Lago de Atitlán (Lake Atitlán) in the Guatemalan Highlands. I have tasted many types of coffee (especially during my Café/Barista days) and none, to this day, have ever tasted as 'sweet and rounded' as the Guatemala Santa Rita coffee. It is described as "earthy chocolate on the nose, accented with a hint of raspberry. It is bright and sweet with some lovely spice, perhaps cardamom or white pepper." Since we are cleansing, we haven't had any coffee but I decided to give it a try and fortunately, I had no side effects. This coffee was the tastiest ever! I strongly recommend it to any coffee lover! Birds and Beans Café is located in Etobicoke. You can check out their website and coffee selections here.

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