Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dehydrated Green Dairy-free Pizza

We are frequently referring to 'The Detox Miracle SourceBook' by Robert Morse, N.D., to guide us in the foods we choose to eat. The energy from (raw) Green foods heals us, affect the pituitary glands, activates the cells, cleanses the body and builds muscles and tissues in the body. They are also alkalizing foods that help the body get rid of acids.
We decided to purchase a dehydrator so we can start to create a variety of dishes that consist of the usual healthy ingredients that can still be eaten raw. On Monday, we had a 'Pizza Night' and made a couple of delicious healthy thin crust pizzas that we topped off with a variety of organic ingredients. On one of our pizzas, we added black olives (raw), garlic, red onions (raw and dehydrated), parsley (raw), spinach (raw) and tomatoes (raw). On the other, we had yummy cooked yams, basil (raw), shiitake mushrooms and green peppers (raw). The results were amazing! Our raw (dehydrated) pizza crusts were made of green pepper, green kale, pre-soaked sesame seeds, chia seeds, shredded coconut and hemp seeds. Both our pizzas were gluten free, dairy free and nut free. We also used a small amount of seeds, since we felt most raw pizza crust recipes used more than necessary. Check out our pics below! Recipe coming soon.

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