Saturday, August 30, 2014

Get Away From All This Crap

The power of berries prevent nerve related degeneration and enhance the neuroplasticity of cells, the transmission of nerve signals and calcium buffering functions.
Below is a snippet from Dr. Robert Morse's latest Q&A video where he responds to the concerns of a health provider, asking about a Nestle formula used on a patient with neurological problems.
"There is not a manufacturer out there that can make a living food formula for people with neurological injuries that is going to help them. None of these formulas is worth a crap. You have to have living foods, living vibrational energetics with chemistry that is put together as 'God' did it. You can not use anything man makes, and most formulas are not built as carbon, but as protein and nitrogen based - high fat high nitrogen. Carbon and oxygen are the fuel of life. These pre-made formulas are way out of balance chemically, and cause mucus to develop in people. There is a huge difference between a formula and a bowl of fruit, in terms of energetics and in the ability to clean, heal and regenerate the human body. I don't care what you do...
You don't make a milky chocolate drink that is like a bowl of fruit "- Robert Morse

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Above: Samples of crappy manufactured foods.
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