Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Be As King

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." -
Quote from Matthew 7:7-11
In today's news, a headline reads: 'Thousands in Sierra Leone are violating Ebola quarantine to find food".
Ever since the first Ebola victim was announced, disturbing images have unfolded due to ignorance. The thought of people being shut away and starving, when they need nutrition from real food (not medicine or vaccines) to help strengthen their immune system, is sickening. Based on my knowledge and research, I find many claims of this Ebola virus crisis to be untrue. A major source of my understanding of how viruses work, came from Chiropractor John Bergman who makes time to research and teach the public about health. I find him easy to understand and I appreciate that he backs up what he says by providing the source of his information. When we ask questions, we get answers. What are the efforts we place in finding out true and accurate information that help our well being? Dr. John Bergman explains how viruses work (e.g.West Nile Virus)...

You sneeze on a person. For the virus to grow in her, does it need her DNA? 
It does, because it is not alive, it doesn't reproduce. 
So if she were to pass it on, to another, will it grow in them? OR does it need their DNA to reproduce? 
So does that mean that each successive passing changes that virus structure? (Because it's using that hosts DNA. )
So does that mean that if this is true, that viruses are a parasite, that it would be impossible to make a vaccine because everybody's host DNA is different?

When asked if viruses are alive, Immunologist Fabio Romerio of the instate of Human Virology said, "It's not a living organism. It's simply a well organized molecular parasite."

'They have never isolated a virus, which means they have never identified it. No evidence exists that a virus called West Nile exists. The West Nile virus has never been isolated. They cannot know that 1500 people were infected with the virus, it has never been identified. A virus lacks the ability to replicate on it's own. A virus needs help of a host cell's duplicating equipment, borrowing enzymes and other molecules to concoct more virus. It's not the fungus or virus that causes disease, it's the weakened immune system.' - John Bergman

Ebola video by John Bergman

"Liberian Women Push Back Against Ebola Scare"- article here.
(images above taken from: http://www.cp24.com/world/thousands-in-sierra-leone-are-violating-ebola-quarantine-to-find-food-1.2085674, http://whatsupic.com/life-culture-usa/1413789438.html)

'Every man has two educations. One, he receives from others. And one, more important, that he gives himself.' - Edward Gibbon

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