Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Big Bang

Existence is not subject to time. Time is subject to existence. Time is a creation within existence, therefore existence itself is timeless.
Using an analogy, imagine a subatomic particle (the one) in an empty infinite space. But in this state that we call 'the one', there's no reflectivity and no self awareness. It doesn't know itself. It has nothing else to relate to. So there really is no gravity, no sense of mass, no sense of space or time. It just exists as a point of pure existence.
But because it does contains everything, it also contains the idea of that which it's not. This creates the first separation, the first difference, the first reflection that it is capable of doing anything and everything imaginable. In other words, it can travel at infinite speed. Nothing holds it back. There are no laws of physics - yet.
If you understand that the single particle can travel throughout that empty infinite space at infinite speed, then that means that particle can actually appear to be everywhere at once. Thus it can appear to be an infinite number of particles, even though it's actually only one!
Source: Gravity, Prime RadiantBig Bang, Prime Radiant
The Prime Radiant story
Image by Gabriela © Our Earth Land
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