Sunday, March 29, 2015

How do we see ourselves?

Suffering that exists in this world is not something that we must go though. But as it is there, one must understand it and go beyond it. A mind that is incapable of suffering is religious in the true sense of the word. It becomes a passionate mind. A mind that is hurt, is not an innocent mind. An innocent mind is incapable of being hurt. From Latin innocent meaning 'not harming'. But the word has been misused.
From childhood, parents compare their child with another child. When we compare, we are hurting our child, yet we do it! Is it possible to educate a child without comparison, without images, so the child can never be hurt in that way? One is hurt because one has built an image about oneself. It's like placing a wall between you and others and if others extend upon that wall, you get hurt. A child can identify with a name, it does not need an image. Through education, through tradition, through propaganda, we have built an image of ourselves based on what others say. Can a child ever be educated to never get hurt? Professors and scholars say, a child must get hurt in order to live on the world. But when they are asked if they ever want their child to get hurt, they are silent.
Through education and the social structure of our society in which we live, we have been hurt. We have images about ourselves, made by comparison, which are inevitably going to be hurt. Is it possible to be rid of the image that has been created of ourselves and never to create one again?

Our higher mind is free of images and conditioning. Imagination is the key in the alignment of our physical and higher mind. It cannot be hurt. 'I' 'magi' 'nation' - we are a nation of magicians. Imagination is a powerful tool that can be used to allow and create the changes we prefer to create within our lives individually and/or collectively, globally.
Our imagination is the conduit between our physical and higher mind, through which our higher mind communicates with us in ways which are more reflective of our passion, our excitement and preference. If you are willing to use your imagination without filtering the communication from your higher mind through belief systems that contain fear (such as the image of ourselves placed by others of who we are and what our limited capabilities are), then you will find that the outcome can always be a positive one and you can always amplify and magnify that in any direction and area of your life. The higher mind can see all the pathways or possibilities we can take in life and it guides you towards the path of least resistance - the path that is most truly you. By following your excitement and true passion, you will always be completely and purely on the path that is most truly you - your core true natural self.
- excerpts from 2 videos, one with Jiddu Krishnamurti and the other on Imagination by Bashar. (see links below)
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