"I still see a world of theories, opinions and ideals. And in health we are at a point where we can't use theories right now, we need actuality." - Dr.Robert Morse

All matter is chemistry. There is a relationship, a ratio, of all life in chemistry to each other. There are 2 sides to chemistry: acids and bases/alkalinity. Dis-ease or pain are acids, so in order to heal you need to alkalize. Disease is not separate from the body, it is a deficiency or toxicity in the body, caused by obstructions in the body (acids). 

The lymphatic system is the body's 'sewer system' and main part of the immune system. Stimulating the lymphatic system purifies, cleans, flushes and regulates us, which provides us with healthy organs, tissues and blood. Our bodies must eliminate to stay healthy and clean. We have to move to pump the lymphatic system so exercise is key!

Healthy blood should have a blood PH level between 7.35 and 7.45, anything lower is a sign of too much acidity in the blood. To maintain the PH balance our bodies need, we need to alkalizeEating raw organic fruits such as berries, melons and grapes, as well as vegetable fruits and green herbs, are alkalizing and will help maintain the balance our bodies needs. Dairy foods and cooked foods such as meat, tomatoes and wheat (e.g.pasta) are acidic. A body that is too acidic and exposed to an unhealthy environment (radiation, pollution, food and other toxins), will be too weak to fight off toxins - such as a cancer patient using chemo therapy.

For a medical doctor to treat a 'disease' as something separate from the body, not considering the lymphatic system or person's overall health, doesn't make sense. All organs in the human body have the potential to heal naturally without the use of pharmaceuticals. This includes mental and physical illnesses. When a doctor recommends removing any part of the body (e.g. an organ), he is acting negligently and showing ignorance in how the human body functions and heals, because it functions as a whole. To remove any part of your body such as a lymph node or tonsils, will affect how your body will then function.

The main reason for lymphatic congestion is mucus. When we have dairy products, mucus builds up in our bodies that become acidic and causes obstructions. When the body cannot get rid of toxins (acids), it creates 'disease'. After the age of 2, humans lose the enzymes needed to digest milkIt is logical to see that milk is not meant for human consumption after this age. Even worse, it makes no sense to take the milk from an animal when we no longer need it from our own mother. 

Cows are milked repeatedly for the fluid meant for their calf." - read article

When they began to genetically modify milk and other food products for mass production (consumerism), they failed to take into consideration that our bodies would react negatively to unknown, artificial, genetically modified foods. These negative reactions our bodies have to 'foreign' (genetically modified, unfamiliar) foods cause disease and 'allergies' because the body does not know what to do with it. It cannot break it down or eliminate it, so it begins to accumulate and become acidic in the body, causing obstructions which lead to the failure of organ function and affects the rebuilding of cells.

'Allergies' are an abnormal or excessively sensitive response, either psychologically or physically to a process of 'medicine' by artificial means. Genetically modified foods and antibiotics, anti - meaning against something, and biotics - having to do with life/living organisms, cause allergies! Antibiotics (either by vaccination or other methods) are genetically modified (artificial) and grown in growth mediums, usually proteins, such as peanut or other oils. When they are grown in that medium and taken in by humans, they destroy the normal flora. 
Treating a part of your body, a 'disease' that you may believe is self- contained, will just keep bringing you back to see a doctor who will continue to treat you negligently! The body functions as a whole. It is more logical to use your own body, that is capable of regenerating every cell, to fight off deficiencies and/or toxicities naturally and permanently - by giving it the energy it requires to rebuild! 

Disease is not separate from the body, it is a deficiency or toxicity in the body, caused by a backed up lymphatic system - obstructions in the body. The chemistry of raw organic ripe fruits is best for stimulating the lymphatic system which purifies, cleans, flushes and regulates us. Fruits have the most magnetics and astringents - they hydrate the body and provide nutrition to feed the blood and cure 'disease'.

"You have to understand the roles of virals and bacterium and why God created them. If you continue to attack God, it doesn't get good for you" - Dr. Robert Morse (on the insane use of anti-biotics)

"All matter is nothing but chemistry and all of chemistry is just different frequencies of energy. " - Dr. Robert Morse

If you are interested in understanding more, we recommend watching Robyn O'Brien video on allergies, Dr. Bergman's videos on health and the dangers of vaccinations, Dr. Robert Morse videos on health and spirituality and reading the books, 'The Turning Point' by Fritjof Capra and 'Enzyme Nutrition - The Food Enzyme Concept' by Dr. Edward Howell.

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