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There are two forms of exercise for the body - internal and external. The external form of exercise is common to all of us and includes weight lifting, running and sports. 
Internal exercise, however, involves tapping into every cell in our body (oscillating every cell) and stimulating the lymphatic system that purifies, cleans, flushes and regulates us. This makes internal exercise more important than external exercising. If you choose to do external exercises, make sure you do at least 20 minutes of internal exercising before hand. 
Our bodies are capable of great strength when we do internal exercises without ever doing external exercising! We have more power with internal exercising. When every cell is being oscillated and we are pumping the lymphatic system which carries all toxins (including cancer cells) outside of our body, we are capable of healing any disease and becoming healthy. 
Internal forms of exercise are stretching and breathing, rebounding, swimming (in clean water) as well as dancing and hot cold showers. We recently purchased a rebounder that we keep in our living room. It's a lot of fun! Take 20 minutes a day to do internal exercises and see the results! 

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The diaphragm is the breathing muscle that gets oxygen through our body. Our chest area, where our lungs are located, is loaded with blood vessels. When you breathe and lose carbon dioxide, you're moving your system from acidic to alkaline. This is how you reverse disease! 
The human body has two sensors in the neck, one measures pressure and the other measures carbon dioxide. If carbon dioxide goes up, your heart increases, if it goes down, it decreases. So, if we breathe deep, we lower blood pressure! Breathing and blood pressure are intimately connected. The cervical nerve C3 and C4 (in the neck) controls the diaphragm, so it is important to consider the neck when there is a breathing problem. 
Dr. John Bergman, a chiropractor located in California, has been 100% successful in curing childhood asthma based on this knowledge! 
Take some time before going to bed and when you wake up to lay on your back and breathe in, extending the diaphragm out and lifting your head up and pointing your toes. Then exhale slowly with your diaphragm going in, moving your chin close to your chest, bringing your toes up. This helps our lungs by exercising the diaphragm and getting the lymph flowing, which is needed for a healthy immune system!

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The human body needs to move! Jumping (rebounding) is an excellent form of exercise that pumps the lymph. The movement of rebounding (the vertical up and down) is very effective in pumping the lymph because the main lymph vessels run up the legs, to the arms and then the torso. 
The lymph is dependent on movement, unlike your blood that is pumped by the heart. Be aware that tight and restrictive clothing prevents the flow of both blood and lymph! Rebounding helps to improve the immune system and clears out toxins from your cells. It increases oxygen levels to the cells of the body each time you jump!
We love to skip rope as a form of exercise. Some athletes, like boxers, skip rope to enhance coordination, agility, quickness, footwork and endurance. Give it a try for 20 minutes!

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Our lumbar spine (lower spine) is made up of 5 lumbar vertebrae, separated by 5 inter-vertebral discs. Sitting increases the pressure on the L5 S1 disc by 5 times, reversing the disk on your lower back and throwing your head forward. Most headaches are cervogenic which means they come from the neck, which is the result from sitting! 
If you work on a computer or have an office job, it is important to stretch and roll your shoulders to prevent injury. For every one inch the head moves forward, the pressure doubles on the disc! You can literally crush the disc on your neck and destroy it causing injury and disease. In the neck, the vagus (cranial) nerve supplies nerve fibers to the heart and lungs. The lymph is the fluid that circulates the lymphatic system which is part of the circulatory system (white blood system). We have 4 times the amount of lymph than blood! When you roll your shoulders back, you are pumping lymph fluid. 
If we don't get movement of the lymph, toxicities grows which is why most cancers and tumors (toxicities or deficiencies) occur in the left upper quadrant of the human abdomen which is caused by the lack of lymph drainage. 
Take some time right now to roll your shoulders as high up as you can and then back, repeating this process, for about a minute and throughout the day if you are sitting for long periods of time!

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