Raw Eating and Enzymes

Enzyme researcher Dr. Edward Howell, along with others at Lindlahr Sanitarium in Illinois, treated chronic degenerative diseases with a raw food and juice diet that resulted in healing! Dr. Howell measured the enzyme activity levels in cooked and raw vegetables and found that the enzyme levels in cooked foods were missing!

The Law of Adaptive Secretion of Digestive Enzymes holds that the organism values it's enzymes highly and will not produce more than is needed for the job. 

The enzymes in our bodies are digestive and metabolic enzymes - digestive enzymes digest food and metabolic enzymes carry out our body's functions. Digestive and metabolic enzymes are in competition! If humans take in more raw food (pre-digestive) enzymes, the digestive enzyme potential in our bodies would not have to be used for digesting but instead be distributed to the metabolic enzymes that run our body and keeps all organs and tissues working properly by rebuilding new and healthy cells. 

When food is swallowed, it settles in the upper portion of our stomachs. The salivary enzyme works on carbohydrates but the protein and fat you take in must wait. The upper portion of our stomachs, (dubbed 'food enzyme stomach') does not secrete enzymes, but allows the space for enzymes of the food (raw foods) to digest it. If we don't take in pre-digestive enzymes (from raw foods) the food sits in our stomach, doing nothing for half an hour to an hour until the acidity reaches a certain point and the stomach enzyme pepsin takes over. If we allow this to happen we are now using up digestive enzymes that are taking away from the metabolic enzymes. However, if raw food or other enzyme digestive supplements are taken in, they begin immediate digestion of all nutrients, including protein and fat. This allows the body to supply more metabolic enzymes for use by the organs and tissues so they can function properly and rebuild or repair/cure the body of any deficiency or toxicity. It is also important to note that if harmful bacteria is swallowed during the time (half hour to an hour) food is sitting in our stomachs, without any raw food (digestive) enzymes, it may attack the body!

In order for digestive and metabolic enzymes to not compete, we need to eat raw foods for digestion. It is easy to see how disease can be reversed and prevented when we take in pre-digestive enzymes (raw foods) to allow full use of the metabolic enzymes for healing/cleaning the organs and tissues in our bodies!

We strongly recommend reading 'Enzyme Nutrition' by Dr. Edward Howell. You can order it through Amazon here. Enjoy!

Lou Corona is a healthy 60 year old man who overcame disease through following 4 basic principles which included cellular nutrition - raw and cultured foods. You can learn more about him and the four principles here.

"If I was going to classify myself as anything, no different than you and I, than all of us, we're all spiritual electrical unlimited beings. ... I am a seeker of truth. I asked for the truth, I was given the truth and I am doing my best to live by it." - Lou Corona

Dr. Robert Morse has taught Natural Health Sciences throughout the world for the past 40 years and has written many books on Health and Spirituality that includes educating others on Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration. Check out some of his videos on good health here.

"Detoxification cleans out all the obstruction of the flow of energy… we're re-plugging in the consciousness of the cell because everything is just simply energy - tranferences of energies." - Dr. Robert Morse

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