Monday, June 30, 2014

'We exist only as nonphysical units of individuated consciousness"

'In the physical world, in accordance with space-time rule set, our limited senses collect the data that define our physical reality. Our nervous system sends certain types and patterns of signals representing the collected sensory data to the brain, which interprets these patterns of signals to create the perceived physical reality within the context of past experience.
Sentient space-time beings such as us, for instance, though we exist only as nonphysical units of individuated consciousness, can interact experientially (experience physical reality) within the constraints of a space-time rule set, which provides the defining assumptions and physics for our interactive space-time virtual reality experience in the Physical Matter Reality consciousness evolution trainer.
Consciousness just is, while awareness ranges from very dim to very bright. Awareness collects data while intelligence is an attribute of awareness that processes, manipulates, evaluates, and interprets that collected data to produce original higher level understanding, organization or insight.
You have no massive body. Only the interactive experience of one. That virtual rock exists only in the simulation but because your body also exists in that same simulation, it can bonk you in the head and you will experience the trauma and suffer the consequences that the rule-set (science of energy transfers) computes.'  
- excerpts from My Big TOE, by Thomas W Campbell

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Strawberries and Cherries For June

What's in season in Ontario for June? Strawberries and cherries! Strawberries and cherries (amongst others) are fruits that have the most magnetics and astringents. Magnetism heals the human body. The Earth is one of the largest natural sources of magnetic wave energy. The body's magnetism comes from the earth's own magnetic field and from the magnetism produced through metabolism. Astringents are substances of a chemical compound that has a 'binding' action on tissue, that result in wound healing and conditions of the digestive system. They are used as remedies. During the summer we try to eat 90- 100% raw. We have started off our summer enjoying some local organic strawberries and cherries. They help hydrate the body and provide nutrition to feed the blood and cure 'disease'.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Does truth come in a package or does it require individual understanding?

Note: Big Truth is defined as fundamental truth (the 'big picture' truth).

'There may be some overlap between consciousness and at least some religious values because religion often speaks to human values and human values at their root, evolve from the values of low entropy consciousness. There may also be a connection because of religion's occasional association with those who have deeply known 'Big Truth' and nobly tried to embody it and package it for large numbers of others. Unfortunately, history shows that such an effort usually ends up ugly and twisted for the majority who eventually try to reach salvation through ritual, dogma, close-mindedness and violence.

An effort to spread 'Big Truth' may be a noble undertaking, however, using an organization to spread 'Big Truth' to the multitudes, many of whom are not yet ready to personally assimilate it's underlying wisdom, has ended up being counterproductive. Once organized, the 'Big Truth' - which requires individual wisdom to understand - is replaced by culturally relevant dogma that everyone can easily understand and a structure designed to grow the power, influence, and cash flow of the organization.

Fear-based organizations (believe our way or suffer the awful consequences) are inherently and fundamentally incompatible with the promulgation of spiritual values and growth which require love-based individual understanding. Trying to express and spread love through dogma, self- righteous arrogance, legislation, political or social pressure, narrow-mindedness, or fanatical violence is like trying to strike a wooden match under twenty feet of muddy water using only your elbows.'
- excerpt from My Big TOE, by Thomas W Campbell

"The only thing that can logically corner you consistently, is the truth." 
- Thomas W Campbell

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Friday, June 6, 2014

"Words are finite organs of the infinite mind."

Quote by: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Above: Robin on a tree in High Park on a beautiful morning! Enjoy.

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